lock out - should i have done fresh install

I was notified there was an update available for 3.0.16.*** so I went and said yes _ duh. The upgrade seemed to work ok but when I rebooted I couldnt access anything on my pc - Control panel, explorer etc Had to do a system restore from safe mode.

Now should I have uninstalled my existing 3.0.16 and then installed a full version of or is this new version flawed as a number of posts are beggining to indicate?

running Vista Home ultimate 32 bit.

Like Comodo, but running out of patience with it. Can anyone suggest a free firewall that will run ok with kaspersky 7 ( I believe zone alarm clashes).

Online Armor works with KAV 7.

Thanks, I’ll look. Comodo’s good but has I’m getting sick of the dodgy updates - i just want something that works and doesnt keep bugging me - I mean to say - completely locking me out of my PC even though I am an administrator. (:AGY)

Use beta 81 of Online Armor found in the fourms.

Online armor no good - not Vista compatable

CFP is compatible with Kaspersky running on Windows XP SP2 (see my signature below for details). For Vista systems, I’ve seen reports that the two programs can be run together.

To ensure the two programs co-exist peacefully, observe the following:

  1. KAV 7 should always be installed first, then CFP.
  2. If KAV 7 is already installed on your system, you may install/update CFP as needed.
  3. Before installing or updating CFP, create a System Restore point (if this option is available on Vista) or create a backup/image of your system.
  4. On Vista or XP systems, disable all unnecessary processes and programs prior to installing/updating CFP.
  5. On Vista systems, disable UAC prior to installing or updating CFP.

FYI: A public beta of Online Armor that is compatible with Vista should be available by the end of February, acorrding to Scot’s Newsletter at:

Thanks for the info. Kaspersky was installed first before comodo. Updates have generally been ok after a couple of reboots but that total lockout scared me. Luckily I had a 7 day old image using acronis.

Surely Comodo should allow for UAC in Vista when installing or updating, there should be no need to disable this - even if I knew how. This firewall program should be aimed at all users not just technically competent ones.


I neglected to mention one other thing regarding updates.

Since v.295, I have no longer had to uninstall the existing edition of CFP and perform a clean install of the latest version. CFP’s internal updater finally works as it should (on my system, at least), so you may want to try the updater function first before attempting a clean installation.

Although I don’t use Vista, I certainly agree that any kind of user-access control platform needs to be developed and tested in such a way that it provides minimal interference with installation of other security applications. Transparency means everything to novice and intermediate users.