x64: WindowBlinds crashing installer

I am currently using Windows Vista Home Premium, 64-bit version.

The installer would not go past the first dialog box asking to disable third-party security programs. Once I click ‘Yes’, the installer would crash.

The cause of the problem seems to be Windowblinds. I’ve extracted the real installer from the self-extractor using 7-zip, and added the installer to Windowblinds’ list of programs to ignore.
It seems either the installer or Windowblinds doesn’t like the way skins are being used.

I am able to successfully install Comodo, once the installer is ignored. The setup wizard seems to be affected by Windowblinds, but does not crash.

As of now, I’ve just completed installing Comodo, but have not restarted my PC yet so I don’t know how the actual Comodo window will be affected.

I am using Comodo on my laptop, which uses the 32-bit version of Vista and Windowblinds. I have no problems there.