2nd Round : CCAV 2017 New Design Vol 2, Vote Now!

Hi Guys ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

2ND ROUND for voting the CCAV 2017 brand new design template options starts ! We continue voting on the brand new design template options of CCAV 2017 ! Let s vote !

According to your feedbacks we 've done small improvements/changes and worked on new designs , here we are with a new poll with 4 different options for you to vote for CCAV 2017 new design !

Please drop your comments / feedbacks in case you have any.

Thank you very much to you all in advance !!

Kind Regards

8 all the way :smiley:

Great dark themes (:LOV)

6 is my love now :-TU All options accessible and dark…

But I like version 7 too… simple and neat :-TU

Option 7 is nice, but looks like some competitors (ASC and MSE). Option 6 is great to have all the info in the same screen :-TU

option 7 is going to be great…

even if you decide to go for other option, consider the intelligent menus like on the option 7… no need extra guis for simple tasks or options… show everything on the main gui in an intelligent way… :stuck_out_tongue:

7 is a great mess IMO :frowning:

nr 8 for me,

because it reminds me of my favorite UI, layout/structure from Avast 7.0.1407 :azn:

Edit: im no a fan off the flat and boxy icons/UI trend, i like UI with more “depth” and expressive icons like Avast 7.0.1407, Comodo 5.12.

I like both 8 and 9. I haven’t decided yet for which I will vote.

№ 6 :-TU

I like both 6 and 9

It can be an opportunity to change the subject. May all options.

I like option 9. Please do away with the “Lucky You” button though and replace with a simplified Valkyrie icon (not the current one). Maybe add option to add favourite modules to the main screen (where scan, run a application… buttons are).


nice one.

A couple of questions:

  • option 6 can have the same black everywhere? Now the top is black, while the body is dark grey. I like the “deep dark” of option 8
  • option 8 can be fully black?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Option 7 is Best … We can have all options in single screen. Looking great … :BNC :BNC

Hey Jon79,

Please check attached version for version 6.

We are working on version 8.

Thank you,

Actually, I loved it 8) Great theme :-TU

Great, much better with this darker color :slight_smile:

Sorry guys I am against the grain.
Aesthetics are not all that important IMO and I don’t quite get this love affair with all this dark gloom.

Keep it bright, cheery and colourful and concentrate on usability and security. :-TU
After all is said and done, Comodo is a security company not a beauty parlour.

Hi captainstikcs,

Thank you very much for your message. I would like to inform you that there is a hard work on going on both UI-UX teams and development teams to provide our users high usability and provide the easy to use intreaction between human and the software for sure as well as the improvements done on security features. Here we just evaluate the initial templates .

Thank you very much,

Kind Regards

Hi captainsticks, please allow me a joke :wink:
You are off topic since the title of this topic is “CCAV 2017 new design”, not “CCAV improvements” :slight_smile:
You have been warned :P0l (still joking :slight_smile: )

Taken as such Jon79. :slight_smile: