~25% of WIN7 users are not using any malware protection software

An interesting report from MS and according to their statistics, ~25% of WIN7 users are not using any malware protection software.

This is what I call playing in the Russian roulette… 88)

Windows Defender is enabled by default, its better then nothing… i wonder if they disable that too, or do they mean only 3rd party software. I didn’t actually read the article, just wondering…

Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun

LOL! Yes thank you Tony! LOL! ;D

Thanks for the PDF file while interesting I can’t see the statistics being entirely accurate.

The system is scanned by the Malicious Software Remove Tool, I could easily imagine this tool to not recognise all types of current protection.
Systems using non signature based protection or even full cloud protection could register as unprotected.

This tool is run when first running MS updates even on a fresh install of windows, some do this before installing any other software allowing the MSRT to run and deselect the MSRT every update there after.
I am sure there would be other reasons if we thought about it.


That type of statistics will never be entirely accurate. People can always argue against definitions, sample base or something else. However, it do provide a brief picture on the current situation and the results are quite logical.

Thanks hkjoj and please don’t get me wrong, your link was appreciated. :-TU
I have reopened the report article a few times now as I find it informative and interesting.