Update Removes PrivAlert

Just updated and PA is gone. ???

I just had the same thing happen to me. Guess I have to go back to DoNotTrackMe.

Hi D Bone. I just read in a post from lightstep that Privalert was removed because they thought it was too buggy. I sounds like they will come out with a new version in a couple of week. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info! Much appreciated.

No problem. :slight_smile:

I thought so. sometimes Privalert would show 0 trackers blocked on same webpage were it had blocked some.

Comodo! Returns Privalert!! ??? ???

Comodo returns Privalert!! ???

As stated by lightstep it will return in a couple of weeks.

oh ok thanks for the info.

now wish they come out with a comodo mobile browser with privalert lol.

I dropped a few days ago Google Chrome for Comodo Dragon 23.2.0. First update Comodo Dragon has not worked at all.Now I know that the last update will not contain Privalert .
No offense to say that Comodo Antivirus can not be compared with Avast and firewall becomes very annoying if not optimally set.
And to finish this Privalert wanted to replace Ghostery , unsuccessfully !

Stelica, please do not double post as it is a violation of Forum Policy.

Read two posts above yours:

Scroll up a bit further to another post by my hand quoting the head developer:

And with a little effort you would have found this workaround as posted by captainsticks.

Sometimes a clean installation is the way to go. Especially with browsers which get updated often.

It will come back soon. Just use Ghostery again until we get Privalert back :slight_smile: That’s what I do.

…thinkin’bout takin’ Iron & PaleMoon /w/Ghostery for a spin…

You can also try both “Do Not Track Me” and “Traffic Light”, both are available at “The Web Store”. They are both free Chrome Add-ons. :-TU

Any new versions in development?