224.0.0.x ?


(virtual adaptors) what else and how comodo handle?


Your question is a bit hard to understand. I guess that you want to know what to do to set up allow rules that work for the 224.0.0.x IP address range. The problem here is usually the IP protocol (IGMP). You have to write a rule that allows IP traffic between the ports (local, usually or and remote - 224.0.0.x) and locate IGMP (or the appropriate “Detail”) on the “details” tab of the rule creation dialog. This dialog is in the “Security” menu under “Network Monitor” (v.2.4) and is accessed by right-clicking the rules area and selecting “new”. There is a tutorial about rule creation in the FAQ section of this forum under “New member information” (top item) and there is also a Deutsch language forum under “International Comodo Forums” (Near the bottom).


its just about if have locallop have a mac adress, so might comodo grabs this by mac, then ips.

i think sofar is 224.0.0.x announced by isp ip/ localhost (call it profan 127.0.0.x) and is just a passthrough broadcast that is covered with network tcp/udp out rule.

let we stop there till our gurus got that mac idea.



As far as I know, CPF does not use MAC’s to filter data. The lists are based on software, ports and IP addresses. I have never seen any place that you can define a filter based on MAC’s.

The two rules I set up for these addresses are shown here:

True for 2.4. v3, however, will allow the definition by MAC.


Hi Ed_p - I tried the ICMP protocol the first time I tried to get the connection to to work, but it did not allow the connections. I then added the IP (detail:IGMP) protocol and the connections were no longer stopped. I then deleted the ICMP connection and it continues to work. I think you might as well delete the ICMP connection to also (BTW - it looks like you have that connection set to - so that rule would not work properly in any event).