I see, in the Firewall events, many blockings of the IP address
Can someone tell me what this is?
I run one laptop, (XP Home, SP3, CIS latest beta), on a wireless connection to a Linksys home gateway.

That’s strange, I’m getting a couple from too, as well as one from ???

Since it’s from Windows Operating System, I’m assuming it’s safe.

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The IP reverse resolves to mcast.net.

Don’t worry. It’s not from the any web site. Also it’s not hacking attempt.
It’s from your ISP’s router.
We say Multicast. The router which from your ISP sends multicast packets to evrybody have same IP range.
Why do that?
It means ‘is there any hosts(PC) which belong to multicast group?’.
Because the router should manage it’s ‘Routing Table’.
It sends same packets every 1min(it depands on configuration).
If you don’t want to see that message Turn off Stealth port.


I’ve been trying to figure this out for some months now. I believe there is some kind of glitch in the program. I was going straight to block all incoming connections first. Well today I decided to set it to alert me to incoming connections. I was hoping to have comodo catch the multicast so I can see what it says. Well I no longer was receiving the I was like cool. Then I decided to test my theory and went back to block all incoming connections. Guess what…I still did not get the

So I figure if you select block all incoming connections first it will pick up the multicast. If you select another stealth option first then select block to everyone it will stop. So far so good. I have not received the multicast in over two hours. Before it was every 2 minutes. Not sure if this only works on a new install. I didn’t want to risk uninstalling an reinstalling to test this theory. All I know is it works now and I don’t get that every two minutes now.

Thank You!

It’s nice to know that this is going away:

(open in new tab to see the horrible sight)

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