2 Suggestions...

First, When going, Via Toolbar to LikeIt>View URLs I like> and selecting a link, This can be a bit annoying (marked in red box):


Having that toolbar under the toolbar is a bit of inconvenience from my experience. Because you don’t get Ratings, etc and when you close that toolbar it refreshes the page and rankings are back. I think it should be optional for that toolbar, like “Don’t show this toolbar again for the URLs you like” Because I was trying to use “View URLs I like” as a bookmarking thing, without bringing another toolbar up and no rating, you need to close it, etc. Pls consider. :slight_smile:

Second, Please support Tab Browsing in Firefox:


People surfing might want to Rate multiple pages on multiple Tabs, instead of opening up a brand new page of Firefox to bring back the rating buttons.


Hi, 3xist

About supporting of the TAB browsing for Firefox 3.0.x:

If you open new Tab, these buttons are disabled. But, if you enter any web-address and press enter → buttons become enabled as soon as page is loaded.
I think that ALL buttons (Like IT, DisLikeIT , TagIT, Reviews ) should be enabled only on the web-pages, except Blank pages (like about:blank in IE, etc.)