2 servers, 2 IP's, 2 SSL certificates, 1 subdomain?


I need to work on a high available solution for one of the production servers at my company. Considering we’re serving Facebook applications, we need SSL certificates.

I was thinking of running 2 webservers, syncing both content and db’s in real time, manage the DNS with a third server and then use A records for 1 particular subdomain, from which all content would be served. So I would be running this subdomain on 2 different servers with 2 seperate IP addresses, but only one would be active at 1 time.

IP .10 SSL1 = apps.xyz.com
IP .11 SSL2 = apps.xyz.com

So, what i need to know is whether comodo would allow or this or would i have to get one from here and then the second from another company?

There’s no reason to involve another supplier.

Whether you can purchase once and legally use on two servers depends on the exact license, and seems to vary depending which of the products you were looking at. Read the fine print.

The IP address in use has no real relevance to Comodo however.

In the past (Dec 2010) we discontinued requiring server licenses. This means you may use your certificate on any number of your servers.

Sal, does that means that if I have 1 domain with multiple IPs, then I can install the same certificate on all servers I want with different IPs?

Say I have domain.com. But I have installed this domain in 3 servers. Each server has a different IP.
Would an Instant SSL Certificate would be ok for that case? What if I want “the green bar”, would EV SSL Certificate or Multi-Domain Certificate would also work?

Thanks in advanced for your answer.

I do believe that is exactly what Sal is saying.

It would of course, be up to you to ensure that your certificate was created at the server side, with an exportable private key, such that you could import that same certificate on subsequent servers.

Anyone wanting the “Green bar” needs an EV certificate.