2 programs sanboxed, but found nothing in "Programs in the Sandbox"

Comodo CIS V4 popup that I have 2 programs sandboxed, but found nothing when I open Comodo GUI and select Defense+, Sandbox, then select “Programs in the Sandbox”. What’s the problem.

For some (stupid) reason it currently only shows you programs that you manually sandboxed throught that interface. In order to see all sandboxed programs I believe you have to search through the logs. I hope this will be fixed in the next update.

I posted the following gripe in the usability forum (link for mods and developers only).

Sandbox Options
The “programs in the Sandbox” window is completely mis-named. The current title indicates that you will find all currently sandboxed applications listed here…and, of course, it does not do that. This window allows the user to select which programs you always want to run in the sandbox. More correct and clear names include:

  • “Applications to Always Sandbox”
  • “Applications Aways Run in the Sandbox” - I used this one in the sample pic (Sandbox options pic).
  • “Applications that are always Sandboxed”
  • “Always Sandbox these applications”

Also, the “run a program in the sandbox” really means that a program will only be run once in the sand box, so a better title would be something like “Run an application in the sandbox (one time only)”. So you run a program in the sandbox either once or always. These options should be worded more clearly to distinguish this important difference (see pic sandbox options).

Apps Currently in the sandbox
In addition to distinguishing sandboxed apps in the “active process” window (see sample pic posted here), there needs to be a defense+ sandbox option to see which apps are sandboxed (see pic sandbox options). This option needs to list the programs currently running in the sandbox, their restriction level, and maybe their virtualization (see Inside Sandbox sample pic).


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Thanks, then I know why it does show up in the Tab of “Programs in the Sanbox”. And looking forward to seeing next release updated.

Hello. Matt from Remove Malware.com pointed out the same thing in his recent tests he has uploaded to Youtube, and it freaked him out that the box was empty.This also freaks me out as its a schoolboy error in my opinion and hope this amongst other sandbox issues are fixed asap.


With the new update the “programs in the sandbox” now reads “add a program to the sandbox”… I still would like to know if there is a simple way to check the sandbox to see what programs are currently running in the sandbox…

i agree here too… this is so confusing, and can be so easy to fix,

I also hope this “issue” can be fix quickly like others I found that confusing :-\