2 new bugs: skin-change bug & shortcut bug

Updated today to CIS 10 to find several bugs so far:

  1. Update ignored my skin choice, and when changing back to “Modern” theme, window sizes are wrong such that the OK CANCEL choices are offscreen on any options screen. Each time, the screen must be resized to fix the issue. Also, the widget isn’t picking up the theme/skin change. Did you intend that? If not, please fix it.

  2. As others have noted, the REALLY ANNOYING re-creation of the desktop shortcut occurs on any configuration change in CIS, such as going from safe mode to block all traffic, and there does not appear to be a way to manage this. Did you intend that? If not, please fix it.

If things so simple as window-sizing and shortcuts are hosed, what else is wrong, under the hood, that is not so easily discernable? (That is the impression left upon the user with problems like these.)

Problem #1 is annoying but bearable. Problem #2 is enough to make me rethink my use of this formerly stellar product. Whose job was it to beta test this time, and were they allowed enough time to do their job before rollout?

Another issue is with the product branding for the offline installer (and there is a great need for an offline installer.) It is labelled most clearly, and repeatedly, as “Windows 10” although it apparently works for Win 7 as well. When you do that, you do realize that you immediately make Win7 users question whether the product will still work with Win7. Did you intend that? If not, please fix it.

Also, though the download is served from a secure page, the source of the download is not. I can force a secure download by manually entering the URL to the download, and putting in an “S” for the https, but really, did you intend this? If not, please fix it.

This has been such a good product, pay attention and don’t ■■■■■ it up.

Modified to add CIS version running under Win7-64
2nd modify to add this is an AMD machine

Hi User_cis_10_udpated,

Welcome to Forum!
Thanks for pointing out. your both bugs are already recorded and it will be fixed in next release.

Kind Regards,

Thanks for your note PremJK. Would you please estimate a time-to-delivery for the bug fixes? Neither I nor others want to wait months. Among the bug issues, I would like to see the desktop shortcut issue triaged, as aside from being an annoyance, it interferes with desktop usage in in other ways, such as for those who do screen sharing for one purpose or another, forcing the use of another machine for that purpose. So, that one alone causes work disruption.

Hi user_cis_10_udpated,
The fix can be expected within days rather week or months.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Seems this fix will not come in a days but weeks. Also I’m wondering if I choose the right solution for defence, because of this small bug:

  1. do they testing their releases? because all pointing that they’re only moved shortcut creation function somewhere upper or lower in the code as it should be.
  2. even such a small issue they fixing more than week, but as they said April, 07 - should be fixed within days.
    How can I be sure now that this product is a reliable?

Hi PerfectDay,
We released a patch on 10th April to fix most critical problem, however we could not put other fixes like this shortcut one in that release.

A fix is coming by this week-end that will fix shortcut issues and some other issues pointed out in preview build.

Thank you for understanding.


and unfortunately it didn’t have

Thank you for support and information. Hope to see the fix on this week-end, because this bug is such annoying, you know.

A week passed, still no fix. Good good good
Guys, you’re doing great job, but how many developers you’ve got there?

Please check with version thanks.

Hey, the issue is still there.
Ok, let’s do it in other way.

Environment: Win 10 Home x64
SW build version:, DB 26971
Severity: Minor
Reproduced: 100%
Summary: After closing Contained Apps or Unrecognised Files window, the shortcut of application appearing on the Winows desktop. The bug bringing inconvenience to user, despite of minor severity.
Steps to reproduce:
Pre-conditions: Comodo shortcut is deleted from Windows Desktop, Lycia Theme is using

  1. Open the Comodo Internet Security 10 application
  2. At main window find Contained Apps
  3. Click on Contained Apps
  4. Press the CLOSE button
  5. Verify that Comodo shortcut is present on Windows Desktop
  6. Delete Comodo shortcut from Windows Desktop
  7. Click on Unrecognised Files
  8. Click OK button
  9. Verify that Comodo shortcut is present on Windows Desktop

Expected result: shortcut shouldn’t appear at the Windows Desktop after closing appropriate modules
Actual result: Comodo shortcut appearing at the Windows Desktop

I am not your QA engineer, thus didn’t checked other modules, so it’s possible there are also some modules can be with this bug. Please refer.

Can’t replicate. Try to reboot after deleting shortcut then repeat steps 3,4 and 7,8. to see if you can make the desktop icon re-appear.

Nope, seems fixed. Thanks a lot! :smiley: