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You can improve your vpn services and add more encryption and security features and compete with HidemyAss and collect no logs. This will do more to protect the privacy of users.

My thoughts.

There is already ‘DeleteMe’ service from Abine which does hopefully the same as this upcoming product.

This is the basic assumption of any dictatorship.

Balancing security and privacy is challenging. The NSA goes to one extreme and collects everything it possibly can. :frowning:

No, it’s an unfortunate consequence of the world we live in.

That’ s a fatalistic point of view. No matter what technology allows us it is not what we should be doing.

May be we should volunteer our DNA and fingerprints to Google? :o 88)

Why do we make the assumption that technology advancement can only worsen privacy issues?

Why do we not accept that actually technology advancements can improve privacy issues?

Did the car safety got worse since 1950s? no! We travel faster and safer…

Do not believe what you are fed by the advertising world that you have to sacrifice your privacy to have technology.


Fingerprints to Apple.

I don’t think I will ever use the fingerprint feature on the iPhone. One big problem, your fingerprints are all over the phone. How does the fingerprint scanner actually provide security? Personally I will stick with the 4 digit PIN code. :slight_smile:

Interesting point of view. I am a fan of that believe, the more technology the less privacy.

That requires an underlying ideology that believes that order can be maintained by extensive surveillance. It is a fear driven ideology. Not my cup of tea.

That’s just a ridiculous question. It’s not fatalistic but rather realistic.

From Snowden’s disclosed materials, it does seem that the projects initially set to collect information for security reasons somehow got loose and led to collecting info for political or even commercial reasons. Lately, Obama’s started to do work on his part trying to fine-tune and put more restraints on NSA, let’s see how this unfolds.

This statement does imply fatalism, doesn’t it ? It is fatalistic and realistic. :wink:

Sure it could just be more of a Show shown to the public and US allies, especially the German Chancellor ;), that NSA’s abusive behavior has been put under control.

How well has he run things?
Well, I think Obama's administration has done pretty good on the economic front, given the fact that US has a divided Congress.

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Just a polite reminder, refrain from making comments which could be construed as political. :P0l

Thanks for the reminder Chiron. Will delete the post.

Deleting the post is not necessary. Just make sure that this post does not continue !ot!.

You assume the ones who listen to any of your conversation are the good ones.
And you assume, the ones who will do that in the future, and who read the old files will allways be the good ones.
And you assume that talking about today`s right things cant be wrong tomorrow.

Imagine it was early 1933 now… in germany.

Some countries know why there are laws to protect the people from the state. Learn from them.

We have laws that protect us from the state and they work quite well. The surveillance protects all of us from enemies and repeats of 9/11. They are not interested in your day to day activities unless they seem suspicious. I acknowledge that this is unfortunate but once again, I say it is necessary in today’s world. As for Snowden, he is a traitor plain and simple. Anybody who takes actions that can undermine the security of his own country fits the classic definition of the term.

The argumentation is similar to what happened for example in 1933. No one said, we will make war and bad things. Just paint some words around it, like danger, protection, wealth, work, safety for the nation, so the people ask for the protection … And they swallowed the reglementations. Until it was too late. You know with what words the war started? “Since 5:45 we are shooting BACK!” Every dictation “is” in the right.
And like one of the mad leaders said back then:
“You wonder how we make it that people march into a war to die? Its quite simple. Tell the others that those who dont want to go are traitors. Because they undermine the security of the nation!”

You did not understand what i tried to tell you about your assumptions. In the netherlands they made notes about who is jewish. Without a bad thought. But when the nazis came later, the lists were used to get the jews easily.

If lawd had wanted the people to be surveilanced, he had made the functions from day one, eh, day 6…
But wait, rome had gotten all christians catched! “Because they are a danger.”