2 exactly identical entries in application monitor: one allowed, one blocked

Hi there

In my application monitor there are two exactly identical entries, one allowed, one blocked.
Isn’t that strange?

It’s svchost.exe, TCP/UDP out, path and calling path for both entries the same.

(Sorry if the vocabulary I use is not exactly the right one for the English version, as I’m using the German version.)

( Comodo version:
Avira AntiVir )

I’m generally very pleased with the program.

Thank you


You can go to the blocked svchost.exe entry and highlight it then right-click on it and choose “Remove”.

You might have blocked it at some point by accident.


Thanks jasper

Yes, I would imagine I can (easily) remove one (or the other) of the two.

But that’s not really my point. My point is: Isn’t it strange that such a thing can be?
To me it looks like a bug.

See you


Hi, have you clicked Edit (“Redigieren”? :)) for those two rules, to see there if every option matches?


Yep, I really can’t find any difference.



Then it certainly is strange… I suggest you follow Jasper’s advice; remove one rule, then you’ll see if any alert comes back.