2 Errors That I need Help with

About two weeks ago, I downloaded CIS. Found it to be a pretty decent program, and like it because of it’s ability to pick up stuff that my other anti-virus misses on occassion. But I’ve run into 2 errors that happen fairly frequently. Up until this point, I’ve just dealt with then by closing CIS and restarting the computer. However, today, everytime I tried to run a scan in Antivirus I would get the following:

“The scanner is currently busy with a scanning task. Please try again later”

Not the exact worded message from the program, but that’s what it’s saying. Anti-virus did this on a fresh power-up this morning. That is, when I turned on the computer first thing. After Windows XP (SP3 - 32 bit) loaded normally, I tried to run a Comodo Anti-virus scan. (First activity on the computer). And got that error. I closed Comodo, did another restart and tried again. Only to get this error:

“Update Failed. Error code 80004002. No such interface supported.”

Big WTF moment here. Occassionally the program works, running its scan without encountering these errors. Other times (like today) the program simply refuses to work. Any insights on the cause?

For the record, Avast Anti-virus is installed and running. I will not remove it if this program is malfunctioning, because I can’t take a risk at leaving my system open to a potentially malfunctioning anti-virus. However, if avast is creating a conflict, then I will do a temporary uninstall to see if comodo behaves any differently. Until a clearer concensus is made, Avast will stay installed until recommended for temporary removal.

Hi Technowraith. Two Avs or any other modules overlapping can cause conflicts or try blocking one another.
It might be worth a read Here Kind regards.