2 AV working simultaneously

Is there any 2 antivirus products that can function properly working simultaneously on the same machine. I am kind of curious because Immunet says theirs can work with other av products

You find many security products (like WSA0 that say so. In reality, keep it lighter and simpler, it’s much better!!! I found they all interfere to such an extend, for exemple with Microsoft Updates when it’s too complicated!

I agree with gdiloren, the possible unforeseen conflicts out weigh the benefits IMO.

I know the following is a little outdated, but I see contradictions between officially supported and unofficially supported products for Immunet.
Immunet Supported Anti-Virus Packages

thanks for your opinion. I was curious And Thanks for answering my question.

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

Kingsoft AV 2012 is a very nice cloud companion to many other avs. I have been using Comodo Internet Security and Kingosft AV on one my comp for a fortnight. I find no noticeable issues for the comp nevertheless both avs are in their regular configurations.

have you experienced any virus infection? Has some of the two entered in action and did it perform well? My experience is that it interferes. What are your settings? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have never expected any virus infection with CIS for about 2 years of its usage. I use Chiron’s cofiguration for CIS and the most heavy for KAV:

  1. System Defense in Standard Monitor,
  2. checked “Force Cloud to identify unknown programs” as “Unknown programs must be identified before being executed”

No issues for the comp.

My opinion is still I get enough well protected with Comodo Av updated. Another av would be redondant and unnecessary, it may be stable on some computers but I feel the worst when they will really enter in action :wink:

Comodo Internet Security even if unupdated is more then enough for security. As for my setup with Kingsoft AV - that’s just out of curiosity and also because KAV has beautiful GUI :).