[2.7.4] Health Check Bug


Running “Health Check” on both my mobile and tablet always displays 97% safe (Pending Items(1): Virus Database). Running pending items displays “Database is up to date”. Virus database version is currently 48.


Phone: Huawei Y550-L01 (4.4.4)
Tablet: Hudl HT7S3 (4.2.2)

You may check your database whether up to date or not? If still have same problem. Please inform!

I also have this problem with my Moto X running Android 4.4.4. The database is up to date, but is shown as a Pending Item.

Hi MuratG

Yes, antivirus database is up-to-date on both devices.


What version of CMS are you using?
Version 2.6.3 with database version 48.107 on my Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900W8 is not showing this issue.
Attached SS shows my firmware.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Version: 2.7.4.
Virus Database Version: 84



The bug your reported has been documented. We are currently analyzing it and a fix will be included in upcoming releases. Please feel free to try our latest version and see if it has the same issue. We would be glad if you try and let us know the result.


Where can I download the latest version?


Hi I have the latest version of cms 2.7.4 but my virus database is stil 48 after 3 days. Why this behaviour? If it is a bug please give me a link to download 2.6.3 or any other version, until a new update.