[2.5] Notification Bug

I seem to remember this being an issue with a previous version of CMS which got resolved. However, this bug has resurfaced for me. I have set an anti-virus scan for 9.00pm every wednesday. The scan performed as normal and I received a notification shortly after 9.00pm. Having cleared this notification, I then got another one around midnight and then a third at 4.00am.

I was testing scheduled tasks today and ran a one off task which completed fine. Both scheduled tasks (anti-virus scans) at this point were disabled but I got another notification a couple of hours later.


Scan: 14/05/14 [at] 9.00pm. Notification at 4.36am on 18/05/14
S: 21/05/14 [at] 9.00pm. N: 9.05pm, 10.40pm and 12.31am
S: 04/06/14 [at] 9.00pm. N: 3.33am on 05/06/14

Phone: Orange San Francisco running 4.2.2 (10.1-20130724-KonstaKANG-blade). Previously running 4.4.2 without seeing this bug.

I’ve intermittently had the same issue though it’s not consistent and only appears every few days or so. Hopefully it’ll get fixed on the next version. Trialing other products at the moment but will re-test it again soon.

It’s an odd one as I have updated Android past 4.2.2 (up to 4.4.2) and not seen this issue since the bug was fixed. I’ve only gone back to 4.2.2 as (AFAIK) this version is the most compatible with CMS. Which version of Android were you running?


4.1.2 but my phone is incompatible due to it’s low resolution (see specs: LG Optimus L3 II E430 - Full phone specifications ) so i download it from the forum link. CMS still doesnt scan my actual SDcard but itsonly mp3s and image files on it.

Just tried on my phone and seemed to scan SD card. Detected card as “/storage/sdcard0/…”. Hard to tell what was actually scanned as the output was so quick but I could see that *.png and *.mp3 files were scanned for me.



It is odd see multiple notifications again :-\ but we will investigate it.

We have another improvement on notifications on upcoming release. Lets see if it might help this as well.

The same occurs on CMS 2.5 also.

Doesn’t start re-notifying untill the first scheduled scan has run.


The same occurs on CMS 2.5 also

Hi Graham,

could you please remind me the test scenario so that we can check it?


I don’t think it matters when you set the scheduled scan but as soon as you have (and the scan has completed) you start seeing the multiple notifications. I’ve re-installed CMS several times now and same occurs each time (at random times).

From my original post, I didn’t notice this with 4.4.2 but 4.4.3 and 4.2.2 seem to be affected by this.


EDIT: I should mention that Comodo Mobile Security is enabled in “App ops” (Privacy Guard) but everything has been allowed when prompted.

Thank you,

We do not have the issue on our test devices but we will check again…