[2.5] Call Blocking Bug

This is another old bug which has resurfaced for me. I added my work mobile number into my personal mobile’s CMS black list. On calling my number (from work mobile), CMS intercepted the call (visible in notifications) but then turned the volumn all the way down (switching to vibrate). Have tested 3 times now and the same occured each time.

Should note, also using Android’s Blacklist for message blocking (messages blocked, calls allowed) should that have any influence.


Phone: Orange San Francisco running 4.4.3 (11.20140608-ZeeLogKANG-blade)

I’ll have a go and see if I can replicate at my end. I use Call Blocker https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=embware.phoneblocker to block my SMS. Do you have a link for the blacklist app you use?

Confirmed, this is still an issue. Initially when I tested it directly after entering the number in my blacklist it worked great and even didn’t get the partial initial ring. However, this was short lived and after locking my screen and testing it I do get the partial ring* and I experience the volume change issue.

Ring issue aside the volume does change from Maximum to a very low volume on my phone (See attached screen shots)

*The initial ring is an issue with LG Optimus phones as it has it’s own built in call blocker and therefore all call blocking apps on my LG Optimus L3 2 (E430) have this issue apart from the built-in one.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I believe it is built into Android 4.4.3 or as it’s a custom rom, maybe Cyanogenmod. It can be found under Settings, Privacy and then Blacklist.


Ah ok. We’ll the issue still exists.