2.4 Froze my computer

After downloading and installing 2.4, which I also had a problem doing as many others, my computer froze and I had to close it by using the power button. This kept on happening until I un installed Comodo and went with another firewall. Now I don’t have the problem. I never had this problem until I went with 2.4. This might be a wonderful firewall, but if it freezes my computer it is of no use to me if I can’t use my pc. I don’t understand what happened. But for now I going to use another firewall. ???

After uninstalling Comodo did you reboot the computer, did you try installing Comodo afterwards and try it again?

So which firewall did you replace it with?

Froze mine as well,had to uninstall in safe mode and go back to 2.3.

For me, freezing ended up being a virus issue. However, I can’t shut down, log off, or reboot with Comodo running.

Retried to install, had the same freezing problem. Tired of this, found a firewall that passed major leek tests that is user easy. Going with that. Seems that Comodo has too many problems. Just look at the posts. I’m not pc savy, but when I can’t use my pc because of a firewall or any other program I have to find something that I can work with. Sorry to say that Comodo is not for me. :cry: