2.4 blocks FX thru app monitor when 1st opened, even though I have FX allowed

On the drive with 2.4 and KAV, XP, surfing in the limited user acct. When I initially 1st open FX to connect to the 'net, it is blocked by 2.4 application monitor, even though I have FX allowed. After closing FX down and then reopening FX, it connects normally. Started about a month ago. I’ve deleted FX from the app monitor and then added it back in, but 2.4 is still blocking FX on it’s initial opening, but then no problems after closing & reopening FX. The component monitor only shows 1- FX.exe. A KAV scan, only shows the ATMhelpr driver as a keylogger, which I was told was a false ±- (still uneasy about this-???) HijackThis, all the on-demand malware scans, show zip, and BoClean hasn’t found a thing since installed. Any ideas? thx