[2.3.293084.125] Trusted List Bug

Hi All

Before I post this in the official bug section, would like to see if others are experiencing my problem or not (as it could be a custom rom issue). Basically, trusted list doesn’t work after running through a virus scan. It lets you go through the motions of adding the app but nothing appears in the list. Anyone else notice this?


Phone: Orange San Francisco running 2.3.7 (CM 7.2.0)

After further testing, Push Ads can be set as trusted (i.e Frog Toss v1.2 and Coin Dozer v5.33) however, detected malware (which I believe are FP) are not ???.


Hi Graham,

Please let us know which applications could be FP. You can always send an email to cms@comodo.com to report those. We would be happy to investigate it and update the virus signatures.

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Hi ilkers

Thanks for your reply :). Please see my post below:-