19 Instances of CD

i think i know why CD doooogs so badly for me…when i open it up there are 19 instances of it ruinning in task manager.this after i uninstalled and re-installed. one tab open…google… my home page

How many Plug-in’s did you have installed when you got 19 instances of it running?

not sure…i was wondering if they had something to do with it

How many tabs did you have open?

What does ‘about:memory’ say?


As OmeletGuy mentioned, this is probably due to the number of extensions installed. I.e one dragon process per extension.


Maybe, maybe not. We don’t know until the OP responds. :wink:

here is a snapshot guys

see all those tabs. i have 2 open…one is scroogle. one is about:memory…i have far more extensions running in FF

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How many tabs do you physically have open?

oops… i just edited it and you already sent a post

How many extensions are installed? You can see them all from the Tools menu.

ok. my new pwd kicked in as i was posting…start over…i count 14 extensions…i was checking them out and playing around with them when i startEd the post…most dont work or are incomplete…but i left them so i could answer what was all going on when i 1st left the post…i thought extensions might have something to do with it…