154 intrusion attemps..

i looked at the network activities and i says it blocked 154 intrusion attemps, should i be worried? i don’t think so but…
here’s a screenie i took:

Hello, do you run any p2p softwares? Often other users will ping you to see if your active, then exchange data.

These are outbound http connection attempts to a site hosted by virtualxs.com in the Netherlands. Something on your computer is trying to phone home to a web server. Is this your ISP? If not, do a complete virus/trojan scan.

Doing a quick check on the destination IP address, it seems to be some desktop background service. Not safe for work, either.

i got Utorrent, but i haven’t used it today. I don’t think it’s my ISP. sded how did you find out it was that site? how can you see that? i looked at weboftrust and it says its a ‘dangerous’ site…
oke i will run a full scan

I just did a “whois” from http://www.dnsstuff.com/ to get an idea of who owned the server. Port 80 in the destination says it is a web server.