1394 net adapter??

what is 1394 net adapter?? its there in my winxp sp3 network connections and enabled. do i need this, i mean can i disable it?? coz i think its not related to internet and net works fine if i disable it. i connect to the net with external lan card coz the inbuilt lan card is damaged. this is the only laptop which connects to net. if required net on the other laptop (win 7 64) i use the router on winxp (main machine) and access the net on win 7 wirelessly. i dont use the router always coz it gives me slow connections and i also get page cannot be displayed error. i have local broadband connection 2mbps.


Firewire port.

Google for these words, and check if yo actually use firewire peripherics, most people don’t.

I have seen this on a computer before. It had some kind of a mini FireWire Port. Just ignore it. It should be fine.