130 connectionc

I have reinstall XP SP3 and latest CIS
When CIS starts,cmdagent.exe. has 120 to 130 outbound connections.
Why is this? What is a normal number of connections? and how is this fixed?
I have automatic updates on in settings
I have been using COMODO for about 4 years now.
Firefox has always used about 35 to 55 + connections but I have just ignored them.
is this normal also?
Thankyou in advance for any advice you can give

I’ve noticed this same activity usually every afternoon about the same time. Noticed the Comodo icon in the task bar showing activity when nothing was open or running that I was aware of. Looked at Firewall Active Connections and cmdagent exe was busy doing something with dozens of open connections. Would be nice to have an explanation.

I asked about it in another thread and never got an answer exactly what cmdagent exe is doing. As I watched it, they started closing and eventually all closed.


This is caused by a delay in the display of connections, if you use the command-line tool netstat you can see that there are a lot less connections as CIS is showing.

These connections are probably related to

  1. AV updates (tcp 80).
  2. Cloud lookups (udp 4447 / tcp 4448).

Thanks for the answer. I tried “netstat” it starts to open showing connections and immediately closes itself, won’t stay open to view it.

I noticed the other day with all those cmdagent exe’s open, there was no activity going on with my DSL modem.

Please run this command in a command-box (Start, Run, cmd [ENTER]).