13 windows security updates today for XP Home SP3 triggered pop ups......

I was really surprised. Never had this problem before doing a windows update. Firewall and D+ both set to Safe Mode. I also always make sure to switch to installation mode before doing updates. During the updates. Come install time since they install automatically. I received a bunch of pop ups. I was not sure how to answer them since it was doing a windows update. I just kept on clicking ok hoping they would be gone. After about 5 mins or so. They finally went away. Any idea what caused that? And in case it ever happens again. How should I answer when a pop up shows during the windows update?

Most updates go without D+ alerting. There are a couple I can think of that will produce alerts. Updates for Defender and the monthly AV removal tool will produce alerts for mpigstub.exe.

Also when installing stuff like DotNet Framework, Windows Media Player, Silverlight, etc may produce alerts as they are standalone installers. I am currently on my Win 7 but will go to XP after this to see.

Updates from microsoft - They should download and install with 0 alerts…

I had this progle of multiple pop-ups. The program was mscorsvw.exe. It appears to update parts of the .NET framework after the update has installed (I think it was after reboot). It must run multiple times as I had to set remember my answer and make it a windows system application. Defence+ did not recognise it and it created multiple files/directories. Taking it out of my pending files was not enough.

Vista SP2 and clean PC mode.

I know. Like I said. First time seeing it myself. Apparently it is not just me. I refuse to give up on learning D+ And have been using Comodo since it first released. But, I still get lost once in a while with D+ like with this instance. How would you suggest I have answered for this hope fully wont happen again?

I always get one from malicious software removal tool. Some times get others. .Net updates are the worst.

I was fearing a nightmare patch day but i’ve got no problem so far on 3 different PCs ( Vista sp2 and XP sp3) not a single alert in safe mode with disabled antivirus with minimal services & no background tasks.

It is always better if you upgrade safe computers preinstalled with latest IE8 WMP share disable etc…

I even update the last one with CIS upgrading its database at the same time … no crash lucky me :wink:

Confirm. Numerous popups just for one executable, most likely for mscorsvw.exe. Disabled D+ to get rid of those. First time when “installation mode” + “treat as installer” did not supress those.