simply ignored! not showing up, no alerts, no rules required!!

Let’s say I have privoxy running and the proxy set to in IE, any malware that checks for IEs proxy setting and uses that aswell can freely connect to the internet thru my proxy!! without any rule whatsoever and without even showing up in the Comodo log.
If IE is running thru my proxy its not shown as using a connection either!
That was definitely changed in a recent version. Well, recent as in I use Comodo since v5 or so. so yeah, sometime since then.
I’m 100% certain because I wouldn’t have some of my rules if every installed application could just freely connect to my proxy!

Try it, just delete the rules you had for lets say firefox to connect to privoxy and it will still work just fine! THAT SUCKS!
… and this can definitely not be the way a firewall is supposed to work! and it didn’t in earlier versions! so PLEASE — FIX ASAP!!!


Ok sorry guys, I just uninstalled CIS, rebooted, reinstalled, rebooted and then imported my config and now it works again as it should!

something must have messed up something, because it weren’t my rules that were faulty. Same rules but now it works again. SORRY!