109 error

everytime there and update i get,
“Error 109: Update could not be completed. Internet connection got lost halfway during download of update, please check your Internet connection settings.”

But my internet is up and running every time…normally i just unistall the firewall and then install the latest but its becoming a pain because i don’t like reentering the rules i have created…is there anyway to fix this…plz someone help.

Ps. it always timesout between 5% and 25%

can anyone help?


It might be related to server overload.

You can export your current settings and safely import them on newly installed 3.0.19.

If you look under miscellaneous you will see a setting to export and import your setting. Do this first before uninstalling. Then uninstall and install the new version. Then reboot. After import your setting then apply them.