$1000 from Comodo for your Video!

hi Guys

We have an idea…

as you know we have www.comodo.tv and looking for user generated content for it. We are also looking for testimonials. So we thought we should combine both and do a competition for the best video testimonial submitted by our users!

And we let the user’s choose the best one (we will ask all Comodo users choose which is the one they like best).

we will give $1000 for the first place $500 second and $250 for the 3rd place. And all participants sending us video (legitimate) will get a Comodo t-shirt from us for the effort.


Here are some rules

1)Pls PM me the video (do not post it on the forum as until the entries close we don’t want anyone to see eachother’s videos)
2)the video must be User generated (not copied)
3)it must be between 30 sec 60 sec long
4)it must not have profanity
5)it must be about CIS
6)Each participant can only submit 1
7)Anyone can participate (comoderators welcome!)
8)The competition is open until end of Aug 2009. (We will put the shortlisted entries to our forum for a vote first week in sept). And declare the winner after 2 weeks of voting on 22nd Sept 2009.

You will be helping the Comodo community with your video even if you do not win! Plus we will send you a small gift in a form of t shirt! And you know its going to fun making that video!

So what are you waiting for! Get in front of that camera and…





size M, count me in

If ganda does one send it to me. ;D

Sounds interesting… I might give this one a try… :slight_smile: ;D

ok look forward to your video :slight_smile:


oh boy, I have no talent for producing a piece w/ actual script, direction and acting. The best advertisement I can do is tell people to their face I have a heart for Comodo, which, come to think of it, may be the most convincing argument of them all. (Don’t you feel many filmed testimonials come off as supremely phony.)

This is not to denigrate this contest in any way. Maybe we’ll even get some more funny vids out of it like that ‘Comodo strikes back at Mac’ one. Also, I’ll see if my brother and I can do some docu-style short flick on this.

why? What’s wrong with ganda?

I might try this…

hmmmm… I have only a cell phone for video lol… Maybe my laptop camera too… hmm…
So many ideas…

Yes I’m going to try (If it’s not to late)


You might be one of the only people to do it so why not? ;D

I might actually feel guilty then… and stress’d too lol…

I highly doubt that i’m the only one doing it… (If i am then i better make a good video huh or i’ll be laughed at by Ganda :P)


Maby a bit late to tell this…

But unfortunately there will be no video from monkey_boy=)
The hot girl I was going to work with got some serious issues unfortunately.
And I can’t edit films myself…
Well… Best of luck to all that competes… :-TU :-TU