100% score for cis on matousec

http://www.matousec.com/projects/proactive-security-challenge/results.php#products-ratings :comodorocks:

Comodo is the most strongest ever!

We really needed some good news this week.

Mmmmmm maybe they will have to find something new to cheer up the competition.

Congratulations are in order. :-TU

Until about a month ago, the “3%” that CIS was failing was deemed as unnecessary protection. Egemen himself said that it wouldn’t effect the security at the user-end, and that COMODO wasn’t about flaunting test scores or it’s ultra-technical precession. I wonder what made COMODO shift priorities from ‘users’ to ‘tests’?

Comodo is now 100% because the following was added to the Proactive Security configuration as described here by Ronny.

I guess they can satisfy both users and tests, there shouldn’t necessarily be any contradiction in that.

The current 100% contradicts their statements (from 3.9-3.11) dismissing the necessity of the failed tests.

So I am guessing that coding-wise there is nothing new. If that is so, then :-TU from me too.

No new coding. Just added that new group to be protected. Easy as cake.

Welldone to the Developers!

Symantec coming and challenging us in the Leak tests (via PCTools) forced us to respond to them…

Responding we did :wink:

Also: this is the video about the marketing meeting that Symantec/Norton held coming up with their Free is not good Video…Symantec Video (fyi: its a light hearted Como-dy : ), pls do not take it any other way than a simple comedy)

Now we challenge Symantec to give their products for free… Not a trial, not a crippled version…Full version Totally FREE!!


i am proud that i have long stopped using any symantec software 8)

Symantec acquired PCTools and now trying to attack Comodo on the Leak Tests using their new PC Tools product…

Not so quick says Comodo Developers :wink:

And we will bring the war to their turf!


strange… where is my last post?^^

gg melih

i think freeware/open-source is the future and btw many free/open-source tools significantly beats high priced software

Your last post was deleted. I will put it back. I have no idea how it happened or who deleted it.

What about the crash7 test?

Make CIS idiot-proof like NIS with good detection and you may get some new customers :wink:

CIS reached the perfect score at Matousec: 100%

Congratulations from Germany

I love CIS :slight_smile:

Keep on the extremely good work !!!

Thank you very much for everything



Results page [matousec.com]

ok thanks :wink:

i must say… for me is symantec an company of idiots!

-bad high priced software
-cheap development ,no innovations
-and sympantec buy many software/ideas from other vendors :-TD

is symantec incapable?

Congrats COMODO and thanks for making such a good free product. :wink:

Not completely - the removal tool works quite well >:-D