100% protection by CIS? Apparently not.

Hello, finally we arrived to the point if CIS protects 100% against malware.

Many of you have read and test about black-day, GPCode, etc.

As it has been brought in other forum threads, we know that other AV dont offer 100% protection. Thats a fact.
And we commented about their false advertising. Now I guess its time for COMODO to do the same.
I guess at the end, 100% protection is not possible. 99.999999% its possible with COMODO.

Dont get me wrong, I love CIS and all COMODO software being developed.
But playing fair its also something I see very important. So removing this line from product advertising would be fair:
“Guaranteed to block 100% of Viruses and other Malware”

Just my personal opinion. Let’s move on.

as long as the user has buttons to press, and problems to solve, there is no guaranteed result anyway.

and even if the user does everything right with comodo, black days are not 100% impossible.

i would call it “better protection”. its not necessary to call it 100% protection, with additional risk to miss the truth later with it.

dont forget the topic: send white listed and signed malware… … i ask myself when i see that topic: what if these persons would not find them? and what is with all the things that they do not find?

True indeed.

Where do you see advertising that says this? ???

Comodo is well aware that no product is 100%…

CIS COMPLETE product box.

“How will Comodo keep my PC Virus-Free?
Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 will ensure your PC remains virus-free with its combinations of advanced features. Defense+ technology will ensure that no suspicious files are allowed to run on your PC. Its new Auto Sandbox technology will ensure that all programs are tested and run in a secure virtual environment before ever running on your PC - ensuring that no viruses are installed with them.”

out of interest i searched after this question. i must say, this part is something that fits to the topic.
for example: “will ensure your pc remains virus free”, “Defense+ technology will ensure that no suspicious files are allowed to run on your PC”, “auto sandbox will ensure that all programs …run secure… before ever running on your pc”, “ensuring no viruses are installed with them”.

just the example black day would slip through any of these “ensures”, and even if probably really no virus has been “installed” after a reboot, the os and the data is done in this case.

while ensure is something like 100%.

Where does it say this? The only images of the box I can find online show the front cover and I don’t see it. Is it on the back, or in some small print somewhere?

The highlighted parts state 100%.

I sorta recall Comodo may have advertised with that 100% thing earlier this year or so. I must admit that I do not really keep up with the Comodo pages other than the forum pages and how Comodo advertises.

OK, so it doesn’t actually say it? It’s more of an amorphous, read-between-the-lines, standard AV marketing kind of thing.

at EricJH
even if only this 2 selective “ensures” would stand for 100% would be fact:
-“will ensure that no suspicious files are allowed to run on your PC” is obviously not right. as otherwise the black day would not be able to do his doing.

-“ensuring that no viruses are installed with them” does not mean, that harm cant be done, that nothing malicious will run; even sometimes it needs a reboot to come close to the ensured effect… while the possible damage remains. some viruses dont need a permanent installation. and if something inserted itself in many files, i would call that installation :frowning:

at HeffeD
i didnt opened the topic. so i dont know why you answered at me about “it doesnt say that”.
i read a text. and when someone ensures you something, he ensures you something! that is 100%, no? what do i need to read amorphous between lines?
if its standard antivirus marketing what we see, why do i find it at comodo, as if comodo would be a standard antivirus?

Excuse me. :o ???

I know it is marketing but it says what it says.

In my country, the Netherlands, companies can get sued over advertising false claims and may be ordered by the court to correct.

[rant mode]The last thing I am excepting is that marketing people, politicians and other folks of the spinning kind diminish, dilute and erode the meaning of words for the sake of getting a message across…

[/rant mode]

At everyone:

It says, what it says.

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i think, the users wouldnt doubt the product if it would say:
helps you to keep your computer clean. will protect you against many dangers. can be used easily in default, and you could gain additional protection if you decide to make the settings more strict.

there are some exceptions inserted in this text version, but you get the picture of what the product was meant for. and it covers the facts more global.

on the other hand, people could rather doubt, if an ensure is not 100% sure suddenly.

Sorry if I raised some hackles. :embarassed:

All I was saying was that it doesn’t actually say 100% anywhere.

To me that just looks like standard boilerplate marketing jargon that you will see on any piece of security software.

They’ve done their best to ensure nothing can get through their product. Whether or not that fits reality doesn’t change that fact. They even have a money back guarantee if you do get infected while using the product. (assuming you’ve purchased it)

To me, there’s a difference between someone saying something is 100%, or that they’ve ensured something won’t happen. There’s still chance involved with ensure, whereas 100% is absolute.

I’m not saying it’s a great marketing angle, or that I agree with it. I’m just saying that I see it as being different than stating 100%. Nothing personal here folks, that’s just the way I see it. :-\

Edit: OK, just saw w-e-v’s picture. That one is different than the one I found online. Yeah, that’s not right…

That its what I was referring to. I know COMODO will come up with something to correct that.


at HeffeD

some people speak with numbers, others speak with words. if i would say “ensure” i would mean “100%”. what comes next to be “more” sure… an oath? :smiley:

Do you have a url to a page with that image? I knew I had seen it but I am having a hard time finding it and I find the Comodo pages a bit convoluted.

I dont, since this is in the product box.
But you can see a video here:

I bet that if Matousec would introduce new tests which would use methods like GpCode, Blackday, full screening malware… then Comodo would fix it on the next update to keep 100% result :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s good idea to ask Matousec?

It is like any guarantee,
It does not say it will block a 100% malware, it actually says it is guaranteed to block 100% malware.

Some will be saying what is Captainsticks on about?

To say it will block 100% malware would be false, because nothing does.

To say it is guaranteed to block 100% malware is correct, because what that means if you have malware enter your system while running CIS Complete and can show proof and meet all required criteria, you will be compensated in some way.
That is the guarantee, please see CIS Complete and Terms Agreement.

Also please note this is CIS Complete (Paid version) and not CIS Premium (Free version).

Thanks from Captainsticks.