100% Processor Usage, After installing Comodo pro.

Hello to all of you people! This is my first post on this forum. Salutes are in order.

I recently reinstalled my OS ( Win XP SP2 all updates applied ) and As I have been thinking all along for quiet some time installed Comodo Pro firewall.
This is when the problem started. My CPU now after a gap of around 5-10 seconds uses all the processor ( 100% processor usage ) the task manager if checked shows the following processes cpf.exe and system.exe
These files are using whole processor and thus making my computer slow when I am working…

Please start helping now or I am stuck ( After using Comodo I dont want to go back to Zone Alarm Pro )

I am waiting for any queries, suggestions or questions.
I am an experienced computer user myself so can answer the technical stuff too…if yo want to know about the problem…


Welcome CzarOusa,

I’m quite a new user myself but I’ll provide some possible solutions that I know off hand. There are also some qns I’ll like to ask so as to facilitate in trobleshooting your problems :slight_smile:

  1. When you installed your copy of Comodo firewall (CPF), is it the latest version or did you use an old version & updated it online?

  2. “My CPU now after a gap of around 5-10 seconds uses all the processor”, are you saying the cpu max out 5-10 secs after startup or do you mean there’s a rest period of 5-10 secs between the cpu max out period?

  3. Is there anything else running on your pc when the cpu max out?

  4. Any other security based software that may lead to conflict with CPF?


Hello EviLHeLLLivE
I will try to answer all your questions…

  1. the version is latest downloaded from the comodo site directly and duly activated and No there was no previous version of comodo or any other firewall except windows firewall which switches of automatically…

  2. I meant to say after 5 to 10 seconds of interval … ie every 5 to 10 seconds ( FREQUENCY )
    Cpu maxes out with the mentioned processes cpf.exe and system.exe each using all the resources of the processor…

  3. Yes there were many instances of this as its been going on from the time I installed CPF , I have closed all other application and checked out that it still happens, even I am not logged on to the internet.

  4. I have admunchpro and NOD32 nothing else and I have used task info to check the origin of these files and they are OK, ie the files are indeed of the comodo firewall and system file…
    I hope I have answered all your questions, I really like this firewall since the little time I have been using it and would request all of the members to tell me what happens…

May be you could yourself open the task manager i n winxp and tell me what is the cpu usage pattern…


Hi CzarOusa. Fortunately (or unfortunately), there are lots of places about this issue. I know it personally 88). Here’s one to start: CFP FAQ’s at the bottom.

In a way, I’m glad to know that it’s not something odd with our systems because you’ve proven it by your OS re-installation.

Hi Soya! (:CLP)
I have done the workaround mentioned in the forums by making logs.log file read only in the folder
and I think it has reduced the cpu usage to a normal level at about 2% to 4%
For all people who read this thread the solution I am mentioning is making the file Logs.log in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Comodo\Personal Firewall\Logs\logs.log
read only by right clicking and selecting properties.
Or you can go to the loging window in the main comodo gui and disable the logging from the network monitor by right clicking in the log window and disabling the logging of network monitor…

Thanks a TON to you Soya again.


cpf.exe = 2-4% is indeed normal once in a while.

Have you figured out the system.exe part? I’ve seen it a few times in this forum, but the users who reported it never posted what happened afterwards.

Edit: I remember the file is named system not system.exe (which may be a trojan).

Hi CzarOusa,

Glad Soya’s solution on the logging solved your problems. In case it ever happens again (logging previously disabled), go to Activity → Logs to see if new entries took place. If it does, you’ll need to manually enable & disable your logging everytime you restart CPF.

It’s a bug that I’m experiencing, at least one other have this same problem.


Setting it to read-only isn’t as bad as people think because your logging doesn’t have to be disabled. Once CFP is exited, it’ll reset back to the last time logs.log is read-only. Before closing CFP you can always export your log to a html file as backup in case you ever need it. That way, you have full functionality without the cpu issue. Let’s hope v3 will have it fixed.

:BNC Hello Soya, I don’t think there is any more problem I am facing right now.
The System problem I think also was being faced by the cpf.exe file rewriting the logs.log file all over again, Now again coming to the point of Thanking you, I must Seriously Congratulate The CPF team ( ALL Developers, Company for giving it free, All forum hands like you and all users like me (:AGL) )

It must be really very good if it has converted a diehard user of zonealarm pro user like me ( Can’t even remember the years )