100% CPU when allowing Defense+ popups

I’m on Windows XP SP2. Comodo Firewall .

Comodo Firewall works fine except when I am installing software or dealing with software that accesses OS functions. When Defense+ kicks in and pops up a dialog, clicking the ‘Allow’ button on the dialog will close the dialog, but the CPU will be pegged at 100% for 3 or so seconds before the software can continue to run, or Defense+ shows the next dialog.

Imagine the time needed to click through 10+ Defense+ dialogs! This problem has been on-going for the past 3 Comodo Firewall updates.

Can I ask if this is a common problem? Will a clean uninstall/reinstall help?

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When installing Software, But Defense+ in Training Mode. After the software has been installed, But it back in Safe Mode. You won’t receive Defense+ any pop ups in Training Mode.

Does this help?


Yeah I’ve been running Comodo in Training Mode all this time because any unexpected dialog will delay me for 3 seconds and can be very irritating at the wrong times.

But is this experienced by everyone, or isolated to my installation?

Oh by the way the fact that I’m new to this forum means that I’ve been very happy with Comodo Firewall. 3 thumbs up! :slight_smile:

We did have a 100% CPU issue back in the early days when CFP 3 when final. But it was fixed, months ago. What other Security software do you have installed?

Also, Have you made sure Windows is updated with the latest updates from Windows Update?


See https://forums.comodo.com/bug_reports/performance_issue_when_remembering_answer_from_defense_alerts_v3021_x32-t21315.0.html

Thank you! I guess this thread is redundant then and I can check that one for updates.

Thread locked :slight_smile: