10 free licences

i know that there was an ESM product with 10 client licences for 1 year for free commercial use.
Our company use this product but our licence will expire in a few months.

I can´t find this product now. Can i ask if is available or not?


Hi Petr,

PM me your license key please…

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Is the free product no longer available? My license expires in a few months and I also can’t find the product anymore.

I’m going from memory here, so bear with me…

Login, and it gives you two options. One for certificates and such, the other for security software. Go with the security software route, and then it gives you an option to purchase a new licence. Close to the bottom of the list in the dropdown of what product you want to licence is the option for the 10 free seat CESM product.

If you’ve never logged in there before, just create an account. Then use it again when you’re getting close to expiry next year.

I have an account already. The problem is that the 10 free license option is no longer showing in the product listing for CESM.

Weird. It does for me. 4th from the bottom on this page:


Maybe it is login specific. My license has not expired yet, but will soon. Maybe once the license nears the end of it’s term the option will appear again.

I have only 3 days left until my license runs out. I could not find a way to renew my license so I emailed Comodo. They have replied and advised that they no longer offer 10 free licenses

Not according to their website:


Under the “New Installations – Professional Edition” heading, it still says they’re free, and will be forever. And considering that I still have the option of registering them on my account, I think you got a reply from someone who doesn’t exactly know the product line.

You are right - it does say that on the website. However, there is nowhere on that same website to download the 10 free licenses. They are not listed under the Buy Now link, and are not listed under the 60 day free link. If I wanted the 10 free license, I do not know where on that site I could download it.


Check that link I already posted. Even when I’m not logged in, it shows up in the dropdown menu, fourth from the bottom. It allows you to create an account at the same time as getting the licence key, or, if you already have one and are logged in, it doesn’t ask for any of that.

I remember having a bit of trouble when I first started using Comodo figuring out how to activate the 10 free licences. So, I bookmarked the page after signing up for an account, and haven’t had any problems since.

I selected the Free 10 License ESM in the website, and when I provided my login information I was presented an error:

There were problems with the following fields:
Free product can’t be bought. Please select a different option.

So, it is tied with the login. I do not know if it is not available if you have already subscribed to the product, or if it is not available again until the current product expires.

■■■■, yes. I remember seeing that error when I was trying to register it a year or so back. It isn’t what you’re thinking, though, because I’d never subscribed on that account before, and I did…something…to fix it; it didn’t involve contacting Comodo, though. Let me take a look and see if I can replicate.


I maybe wrong here, but do try to PM the CSEM moderator ilkers, perhaps he maybe able to assist you on this.

Hi all!
Any news?
Have the same problem.