1 year free licence

latest spyware doctor with antivirus 6 free for 1 year. following is the link


this is a legitimate site. verification engine authenticates it. clicking on the product will take you to the official site of pc tools which again is a legitimate site and verification engine authenticates it too. many well known genuine sites like pc magazine have mentioned that spyware doctor with antivirus 6 is a very effective product and light on resources. so enjoy the offer till cavs 3 comes out.

Thank but no thanks. Spyware Doctor is bloated junk and will slow your overall pc performance way down.

i know pc tools software are resource heavy. but believe me i installed it 7 days before and its pretty good, effective and and and unbelievably light on resources, no conflicts either.

Guys, please stay on topic. We’re talking about Spyware Doctor’s free 1 year trial. If you want to talk about the recource usage of Kaspersky, please do it here

Xan :P0l