1 reason why system use increases; a SVCHOST/dragon.exe/ext culprit revisited.

No offense to Comodo Moderators, BUT, slapping a ‘Resolved’ block on a very legit ? is & has not cleared up why or when U open Windows Task Manager U see a bunch of open connections all pointing back to SVCHOST/dragon.exe, the reason is extensions, the more U have, the more open running process U will have most pointing back to 10-20-? extensions loaded & ‘talking’ to different distant sources/servers/IP’s looking for information all using dragon.exe/SVCHOST in WinXP-7/Vista/XP.

Yes I ran a lot of searches & all led me back to many differing answers & were ‘RESOLVED’. I could not find this reason & it may have been archived, OK? The issue still exists and this is why & how I proved 2 myself on 2 different computers, 1 with Win-7-U & the other Win-XP that by ‘Ending Running Processes’ while the Dragon browser is open + running, it shows that one of my extensions “just crashed” and offers to restart it by tapping a mouse over button/right C-Dragon pop-up. So the paradox is some extension are (IMHO) vital to speed up my work, like a good PDF reader, this can be replicated on your C-Dragon, try it and it ain’t over while patrons are still posting gripes about it and moderators are harping about spyware or malware then slapping closure on a major cause.

It is NOT the only reason speed drops off, malware and so many other factors DO effect BPS, this is just one nagging one that I got fed up with seeing too many generic/FAQ answers to then’Resolved’/closed to posts. I love the Dragon & won’t use any other browser, so please do not take this as anything more than an answer I could not find on 2 hours of this URL searches (not moderater rated: ‘RESOLVED’), point me 2 1 that says this in less verbose prose & I pull this post,'K? Hope it helps others. :slight_smile:

Made a basic paragraph structure for an easier read.Eric

This is a Comodo System Utilities (CSU) issue?

I’m not sure which RESOLVED questions/issues you are referring to, could you provide some references/citations please. Thanks.

In answer to the e-mail I got 2-mins after I posted the above,
I figured I had opened a can of worms, so here goes with the best reply I can tender to you Kali:
I searched for any reason my CPU with 12 x 1GB I-7 ='s 12GB of DDR3 increased in power use and my BPS/DSL speed decreased when I opened Comodo Dragon. The logical step was why did I have SO many open dragon.exe’s processes running, so I started ending the processes in the ‘Task Manager’ 1 by 1, with the Comodo Dragon running/open and as I did each of my extensions ‘crashed’, up shot a pop-up c/o C-Dragon, my BPS/DSL speed notched up each time I closed a dragon.exe ‘clone’.

My CPU pull decreased surfing got faster as did multitasking. Then I went looking for reasons why so many patrons had complained about multiple ‘dragons’ running (trough SVCHOST), I do know what that *.exe is in Windows/Sys/ 95-7 is 'K (30 years of IT ='s NO BIG DEAL!). I spent 2 hours searching for this cause here and could not find it anywhere, just run SVCHOST search and you may find a lot of ‘Resolved’ too, but none listed too many extensions as a prime problem.

All I found were ‘Resolved’ and a FAQ or answer that did not say stop using SO many extensions, and that is why I posted what you now ask me to clarify, I hope it helps, and YES I do know there R many other reasons for this speed drop in browsers & computers, but none suck as much through ‘multiples’ of themselves as Comodo Dragon does.

I have MSIE-9, Avant, Firefox, & Opera, (BFD!) and they can’t compare to C-Dragon, it just pulls a LOT of data when U add more extensions, ergo 10/20/30 multiples of dragon.exe running at the same time in the ‘Task Manager’. I hope that helps, I pass on posting multiple threads into this thread I started as I proved what I wanted to myself and that is all I wanted 2 share with other patrons.

If this answer helps even 1dragon user it was worth the 3-hours of work I have put into finding a major cause of CPU performance degradation in my favorite browser! If that does not help then sorry but pending this long on 1 nag for me is all I can hack 2-nite! >:-D

Later Dayzzzz

[size=1]Made a basic paragraph structure for a better read.Eric[/szie]

I’m sorry, I don’t quite follow. Is this a Dragon issue, a CSU issue (the board you’ve posted on) or something else entirely? What’s the software involved?

This is not a ‘general forum’ board (thread). Unless this topic is specifically concerning CSU (it’s an actual product), then it doesn’t belong here. If you want help on something, then it certainly is a benefit asking for that help in the right place.

Would you like me to move your topic to Comodo Dragon - Help?

PS Get used to the questions if you’re asking for help, I only asked two and one of those was repeated. :slight_smile:

I am wondering if this problem also happens when using the same extensions on Chrome browser. The problem could be higher up the food chain than just Dragon.

Chrome is known to be a resource hog when having lots of tabs, that means processes, open. Something similar could apply to extensions.

Good Day Kali,
Your kind offer to “Would you like me to move your topic to Comodo Dragon - Help?”
I am sorry it ended up here, ancient history is prolly right on, I could not honestly find a home for the original post, hours of dead-end searches led me here, I see it’s not needed and if you want it may help a novice-user with his/her ‘C-Dragon’ dragging where it belongs :o
I am ducking out of this, as my only reason to visit this problem was I love the browser but could not 4 the life of me figure out why it used so much of my compurter’s (loads of) DDR3 12-gigs of I-7 RAM
Sorry for getting cocky too, :P0l that was not warranted, OK. :-TD

Thanks and BFN 8)


No problem. Topic moved as requested. :slight_smile: