1 Problems, 1 Wish, 1 Question About CAVS


I really like CAVS. It operates just as I like my AV to work.

Problem, it jams my backup program, called Second Copy 7. Second Copy backs up my files into a ZIP archive. During backup and zipping, it creates a randomly generated temp file with no extension. Second COpy can not create the final ZIP file as CAVS blocks the temp file. Since the temp file has no extension, I can not white list it. I white listed the entire folder, and that worked, but that leaves me a little vulnerable.

Wish, When I get a hit, I would like for there to be an option to white list the allegedly infected file. I have several small utilities on my system that are totally harmless, but CAVS does not like their activity. (like revealing forgotten passwords, etc.)

Question: Since CAVS is anti-Spyware, do I still need to run BOClean, or does it include all of BOClean’s functionality?

Many Thanks,

Bob Adkins


  1. Can you specify the directory/path/name for the temp file? My thought is if you can customize that, it would minimize the risk when excluding the folder.

  2. You may add this to CAVS’ WishList

  3. No, CAVS does not include all of CBO’s functionality; you should still run CBO.

Hope that answers your questions…


Yes, in fact I already have the program in a custom folder. I suppose it really is safe.

Many thanks for your help!

No problem. As I understand it, and from my experience, most viruses/malware look for specific (pre-set) files/locations to reside in or infect. They do frequently use temp files, but when they do, they randomly create a file, rather than utilize an existing one.

If you have created a custom folder to use, my guess (strictly a guess) is that it’s not too big of a risk.