0 Inbound Connections....always

CIS 4 is showing 0 inbound connections when I know I have inbound connections running. This never changes, it always shows 0 inbound connections. The icon in the tray recognizes the connections apparently (red arrows). What can be done about this?

;Dhe…hey welcome you have just now joined the band wagon pal


check out my posts; i am having the same problem infact many others are having it.

Yeah, I noticed. One of them called it to my attention. Any fixes yet?

nopes…but soon there will be O0

Dev(s) are working hard for it…

c’m on people don’t let comodo fans die with their hopes…/

Yeah, I’ve done 3 clean installs to try to fix this (among other things). Is everything otherwise working correctly and it’s just not showing the stats?

My inbound connections don’t work.

Mine either.

I got them to work by adding global rules for that port I needed. Then it would ask me to allow or not. But it should just ask by default without me having to manually do it. This is too much hassle if you ask me?

I was looking forward that CIS4 would be easier but this of course not yet it.

For the rest I LOOOVE it. The sandbox is awesome. And defense + is amazing too. Just make the firewall give prompts for incoming . Then it will be flawless. Really.

Has anyone released a tangible statement on this issue? ???

I found something out.

You go to > Firewall> Common tasks> Stelth Portwizard > Alert incoming connections , make port stelth on per-case basis.

After I did this CIS 4 asks me again like in CIS 3 if I want to allow etc etc.

I don’t know if am now less secure as it’s not configured like this as default , but I now can work normal again on the PC.

Waiting for feedback

I’m not above tweaking but I’m not fooling with this issue. They can fix it or I’ll have to look elsewhere.

I agree, it should just work by default.

I woke up today and saw the light.

You guy’s are mixing up issues here.

From the description in the OP,
Incoming data/traffic ie, red arrows on the taskbar icon, does not = incoming connections.

Incoming connections are those initiated from outside/others.
So no bug, nothing wrong… just a misunderstanding?

Issue 2

The firewall by default gives full stealth, closed ports to outside world.
So it works perfectly as designed.
(admittedly the defaults have changed from some prior versions. For the better IMO.)

So as a user who wants to trust a LAN or accept unsolicited incoming connections, ie running a server or VOIP, or Torrent client with a connectible status.

Then you need to run the Stealth Ports Wizard, and select to ask about incoming connections so you can allow or deny and build Global rules like that. Customize from there.
Check out the Help or User guide for whatever you’re using and make a Global rule that allows for your desired unsolicited incoming traffic on the port and protocols of your choice/needs.

So noobs have solid Stealth out of the box.
Advanced users whether you call yourself one or not,
have the flexibility in configuration to punch holes in it all day long.

IMO pleading that this is to complex, defies logic.
Those who know nothing should be safe from unsolicited garbage without having to make any decisions.
Those who want to do advanced stuff, should expect to read a freakin manual or ask for help.

I hope this helps point some of you in the right direction, clears some things up for you.


I may indeed have mixed myself up a bit here but CIS says I haven’t had an inbound connection in weeks. No blocked intrusions in weeks. This can’t be normal right? I uninstalled after the FW was blocking thousands of intrusions of everything from"Windows Operating Systems" to Comodo’s own files. I went from that to nothing at all. I’ve did 2 more clean installs since. Still nothing. My settings are Proactive/Safe Mode/Safe Mode.

If you have the default Global rules in place you could go forever with No inbound connections.
But there should be some blocking going on, whether logged or not depends on settings.
So this,… depending on settings could indicate a problem with your setup.
Do you already have a Help thread specifically on this, with all your details re: network, other software,
firewall rule set pics etc.?

I uninstalled after the FW was blocking thousands of intrusions of everything from"Windows Operating Systems" to Comodo's own files.
I still have some trouble understanding why people get upset or find it problematic that the Firewall Blocks all unsolicited garbage. The more the better, what does it matter ? Normal operations don't require incoming connections. Certainly not better if it Allowed thousands of intrusions ? Seems to be counter intuitive logic IMO.
I went from that to nothing at all. I've did 2 more clean installs since. Still nothing.
Lost me...nothing? Some other issue? No blocking, logging?


I should think it completely normal to go from thousands of blocked intrusions to zero? How can both be normal? As far as another thread, not on this particular subject.

I can understand that maybe you think it’s great :slight_smile:

I personally don’t think it’s handy. I preferred the way CIS 3 worked when it came with the alerts of the incoming stuff from the firewall.

I mean if it weren’t for me visiting these forums I would have never found out and probably would have ditched CIS 4 :frowning: Which would be pity as it rules for the rest big time.

For me it’s more a hassle if you ask me though.

Not necessarily. But not impossible, given the possibilities.

How can both be normal?
Again lot's of variables.
As far as another thread, not on this particular subject.
So let's say, this is the thread. Given the myriad of possible settings and network configurations and other software and... Have you provided any useful information whatsoever, that could help someone not sitting in front of your PC to figure out what may be wrong with your situation?

Especially since the thread started on the mistaken, subsequently resolved premise.

This part is for everyone.
FYI Forums Tip: you may notice a tendency for some real helpful knowledgeable people to avoid threads that are long on observations and short on information.

No disrespect intended on any level here.

I’m fine, you haven’t offended me at all.

A. I have the exact same setup as I did before right? It shouldn’t matter WHAT setup because it has remained constant yet the “intrusions” and inbound connections haven’t. I have apparently been told that 2 completely different behaviors are completely normal for CIS 4.

B. If I can’t communicate with the FW (it doesn’t ask me) I can’t make rules, therefore CIS shouldn’t miraculously change it’s behavior (thousands of intrusions to zero).

Can you try the following?

Go to CIS->Firewall->Common Tasks->Stealth Ports Wizard->Select - Block all incoming connections (3rd option)->click next

This should normally give you incoming connection ‘counts’ under Network Defese in CIS Summary.

Thank you, I really appreciate that. :-TU I actually would rather have it on the “alert me…” (2nd option) but you’re right, it has apparently fixed the issue, and it is asking me which is what I wanted in the first place. ;D