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Comodo Unite - P2P VPN, open source, second edition
« on: July 17, 2017, 11:23:02 PM »
Comodo Unite was VPN for a group of computers to share files and applications over an encrypted connection, chat and more. But not anymore, now it does not function. Comodo servers are offline for this application. I dont know why... no one may know exactly. But i would like Comodo to make one application just like this - Comodo Unite, or to update this software with another one more patch.

- to be removed p2p screen sharing
- to be removed login with id and pasword
- to be open source code and available to company's and individuals who like to make any change for individual purposes
- to to use P2P communication, not through comodo servers or any other server,
- to use VPN during communication
- to use strong and different encryption by choices
- to be portable application on just one exe file
- to not leave traces on hdd or registry
- to use simple text chat without emoticons or gifs, certainly encrypted
- to use encrypted audio conversation
- to use encrypted video conversation
- establishing a contact to be confirmed by question set from interlocutor to other interlocutor.  At same time by placing answer on hidden way. If answer on reply is exactly same answer placed by first interlocutor then contact can be established, if not, then connection to be denied.
- if answer is wrong, then same answer or question not to be used again during Comodo Unite stay opened.
- Comodo Unite to have included option to to share files
- shared files to be encrypted on self destroying container with options for time, way, lock or deletion, changing password after some time, read only, read/write, deny to copy or move, self destruction after closing container, self destruction after closing conversation, self destruction after some time, deny to save files on disc, deny to save container on disc, allow saving files on disc, allow container on disc, allow or deny to extract files on disc... Meaning all data to be just on RAM memory, by determining data to be saved on disc or not
- file types/extensions which can be added on container to be all types, without limitations
- by allowing P2P Video conversation - at same moment text conversation to be destroyed, also and shared files
- PrintScr from both interlocutors to be disabled like option or to be disabled screenshot by other tools
- to have option for self destroying the application after finishing conversation on both interlocutor computers, option determined by first interlocutor
- to have option determined by first interlocutor - by establishing a contact to be opened virtual keyboard and hardware keypad to be disabled
- Option for limitation by first interlocutor to second interlocutor - virtual keyboard to have just Letters and numbers, but not other keys, also to be disabled sending specific commands by keyboard, shortcuts, etc.
- by establishing audio conversation or video, to be checked do microphone is used or controlled by another application on both computers, if yes, then deny conversion
- file sharing to be limited on max 20 GB
- file sharing to be possible 1 file per 1 minute, deny multiple file sharing
- files on container to be Unlimited
- control monitor to be impossible, like sharing screen, taking control over others pc's by specific codes or similar   


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