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« on: April 09, 2020, 04:26:53 AM »
Hi to everyone,

i don't know if this is the right forum, since 2 days I have a malware (I think so) than open IExplorer and show me
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hxxps:// this site, I made a search on the net but isn't any new about it, how could remove it?, in comodo there are not any warning about it.

I use window 7 x64 + Internet Security Premium

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Re: in iexplorer
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2020, 04:17:39 PM »
Lets assume iexplorer is internet explorer right? 
Its probably just adware

download this and run these 2 programs

click on one time scan
enable potentially unwanted applications
do complete scan and remove

Reset Internet Explorer settings

    Close all open windows and programs.
    Open Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet options.
    Select the Advanced tab.
    In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, select Reset.
    In the box, Are you sure you want to reset all Internet Explorer settings?, select Reset.

If you have no other browsers to Then restart computer, this should be enough :) 

Dont forget to remove adwcleaner, malwarebytes, and eset online scanner  when done :)

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It's hard being a crooked Admin when the files won't pass an md5checksum test.  But like any other good crooked Admin it can be done, it just takes time(and lots of it) and a few aspirins


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