Author Topic: Received fax e-mail notification question  (Read 11447 times)

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Received fax e-mail notification question
« on: April 08, 2009, 02:09:53 AM »
I am wondering what the notification e-mail looks like.  Does it list the phone number that the fax was received from?


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Re: Received fax e-mail notification question
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2009, 03:51:22 PM »
The trustfax notification email for a new fax will display the sending fax number (if available) as the last 10 digits of the file name. For example; the file name FAX_1878373_8019940800.pdf is from the sending fax number of  801-994-0800. The fax is attached as a pdf or tif file- you choose the format. PDF is the default format. The email notification can be sent to up to 10 email addresses.

There is also a text message notification that TrustFax can send to a cell phone. The text message has the file name with the last 10 digits as the sending fax and the date/time of the fax.

You can signup for a free trial account so that you can test the service at and click on signup.


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