zoom - two questions regarding adjusting the zoom


I’ve been using Comodo Dragon for awhile now, mainly as my secondary browser. Overall, I like it, but there are two things keeping it from being my preferred browser. I’m hoping that someone with more knowledge about Dragon than myself may know of a way to adjust the settings to fix the two things that I am having issues with.

1.) The zoom feature appears to be designed in such a way that it can only be increased (or decreased) in pre-established increments. For example, by default, the zoom is normally set at 100%. If I want to increase it, I have to choose between either 110%, 125%, or 150% (and so on). I can’t stand that I am forced to choose between arbitrary settings instead of simply being able to set the zoom at whatever percentage I prefer.

Is there any way to set a custom zoom level like there is on Internet Explorer? If yes, how is it done?

2.) When I’m browsing using Dragon, every time that I visit a new website, if I want the zoom to be set at anything higher than 100%, I am forced to readjust it each time for every new website that I visit. This gets really tedious.

Whatever the zoom is set at, no matter where I go, it should stay that way until I change it. That’s how a lot of browsers work. But with Dragon, unless I visit a site that I’ve already been to and Dragon remembers what the setting was from before, Dragon insists on always starting off at the default setting of 100%, forcing me to constantly go into the settings to manually increase the zoom each time a new website is visited.

Why can’t I simply choose a setting that stays constant until I actually change it? Is there any way to do so?

Thank you.

Hi Johnny Sokko,
This can be achieved by using the following extension.
It doesn’t allow custom zoom as such, but it does allow 10% increments for all pages.

Searching the ‘Web Store’ may find other extensions suitable.

Kind regards.

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