Zones & Sets are Groups! - Treat them as such!

[i]Note: This thread is inspired by (and assuming the realization of) a thread advocating that a Groups button be added to the Computer Security Policy in Defense+ >[/i]

(And Tedious Usability…)

In Defense+, when editing My Protected Files, there is a Groups button which launches a child window to edit file groups - which can then be plugged into My Protected Files. This is actually good usability, as you can go straight from applying changes in your file group structure, and see the change immediately in My Protected Files.


In the firewall, when editing your Network Security Policy, there are tabs to manage My Network Zones and My Port Sets. Since they are in tabs the user must close the entire child window, and then bring it back up, to see their changes in My Network Zones and My Port Sets reflected in Application Rules or Global Rules. This is tedious. This is also inconsistent on account of Zones and Sets being essentially the equivalent Groups in Defense+.


Give My Network Zones and My Port Sets their own child windows back (like in CIS3), and make them accessible via button rather than tab. This way the GUI is more consistent, and less tedious to use.

Image - ZoneSets001.png: This shows the new “Zones…” and “Ports…” buttons in the Network Security Policy window.

Image - ZoneSets002.png: This shows the My Network Zones child window spawned by the “Zones…” button in the Network Security Policy Window.

[i]I also advocate restoring direct links to My Network Zones and My Port Sets, as were available in CIS3. But that’s the tip of a much larger solution I deal with in my monster thread >[/i]

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I like the tab approach. All it needs is adding ‘Apply’ button which would apply changes without closing the window and then it would redraw window(tab). Also I noticed that applying the rules for firewall is kinda slow in CIS v4. It’s similar to the issue known from CIS v3 which was later fixed. I currently have only 27 firewall policies, 4 network aliases and 3 port aliases and it takes like 2 seconds to apply changes (‘OK’ button). Could someone look into this?

And I get a -1 for that? harsh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t get it personal ;D. I just didn’t like the idea you presented in this topic. Many of your suggestions about GUI redesign are very good, some are even great, but IMHO not this one ;).