Zonealarm Security Suite vs Comodo Firewall Pro

Well, My question is what makes Comodo a better firewall that Zonealarm Pro (Paid version in Security Suite) My subscribtion has expired and I dont know if I should renew it. I have been hearing MANY good things about Comodo and I am not sure if I should make the switch. I have heard people switch to Comodo from Zonealarm but never switch from Comodo to Zonealarm.

I am looking for SECURITY and FEATURES but Security is top.

How does Comodo protect me in ways that Zonealarm doesnt?

Does Comodo protect all the things that Zonealarm does plus more?

Also, How is the Antivirus built in? Zonealarm Security has Kaspersky built in.

I want to make sure I am getting a good powerful firewall if I switch to Comodo. I hear Comodo < Zonealarm but, Is this true?

I’m stuck. I would like someone who can break down everything and show me that Comodo does a better job of protecting me.

I already run ESET NOD 32 Antivirus, and SUPErantispyware

Your thread is actually funny. Zone Alarm cannot touch Comodo or even Online Armor. Comodo is the most powerful firewall out there and with D+ its even better. All you need to know is right here.

Zone Alarm Pro = $40 for 1 year

Comodo = $0 for life

vette >:( i was gonna post the same reply >:(
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Beat ya shin. I will also add that I tried ZAP awhile back and it is a good firewall but very bloated and uses about 46,000 K of memory all the time. Also your boot up time is very slow. Comodo has been # 1 back from the days of 2.4.

Yes, I am aware Zonealarm got PWned in leak test but, why is Zonealarm always listed as the “Best Firewall” on many ratings sites and Comodo isnt even tested if its so good.

I am also worried even though I had NOD 32, NOD 32 doesnt always detect everything that Zonealarm Antivirus does and vice-versa

How is Comodo’s Built in Malware Protection vs Zonealarm Internet Securitys Antivirus and Antispyware?

ZoneAlarm or Online Armor are easier for newbies :slight_smile: The CFP 3 malware scanner is about to evolve into full-blown antivirus CAVS 3 (B) So we’ll see how CAVS 3 compares to Kaspersky and others :slight_smile:

I do not care about “easy” I am well advanced with Computer Security, I am for protection.

I just want to know what makes Comodo superior in protection and does it offer all the things Zonealarm does but more?

I want to make the switch but, I want to make sure I am making the right decision, You know?

I am thinking about getting rid of Zone Alarm Security Suite and replacing it with Comodo Firewall Pro and replacing NOD 32 with Kaspersky

Kaspersky > NOD 32 right guys?

You’re making it :slight_smile:

CFP 3 is lighter (sometimes by a lot)

It passes the leaktests that ZA doesn’t. There are tools designed specially for ZA’s termination, while there is practically no way to terminate CFP 3. And CFP 3 is actively developed. :slight_smile:
On the minus side - It flags too many inoccent apps and can be annoying a little bit :-\

Okay. I’m switching to Comodo. Now its just the issue of to keep NOD 32 to switch to Kaspersky


!ot! question. They’re both great, but Kaspersky may have incompabilities with CFP. Also, that would be a different topic.

Maybe you would be better of with Avira Free or Premium( they are giving free 6 month licenses right now) or Avast Free. Avira is just as good as Kaspersky, but has no conflicts with CFP3. :slight_smile:

Ah noes, Combatibly issues.

I might just stuck with NOD 32, its decent. NOD 32 is good with Comodo right?

Nod32’s been good with CFP3 since back in the days.

Okay, I’m really closing this thread down since your title question has been answered and things are getting !ot! again. If you want to discuss more AV’s see this board. There are plenty of threads about these things already.