ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version

* Security improvements: o Many Firewall/OSFirewall improvements stop more attacks, pass leak tests o Enhanced self-protection. More hardening and other self-protection added to withstand an onslaught of attacks ("stability under fire") o Early boot protection - new icon with a special tooltip now appears sooner during start-up (though security is active even before the icon shows). o Enhanced: Root-kit protection within OSFirewall blocks more threats o New daily credit monitoring - monitors your credit reports daily with email alerts and reports; notifies you if there have been changes because these are often an indication of identity theft. o Newly updated Identity Protection Center makes it easier for you to protect your identity in the physical world too. o Various antivirus and anti-spyware improvements. * Performance improvements: o Anti-virus: Scan modes added so you only scan what you need, increasing scan speed by 50% while still providing superior protection o Improved reboot time, login time, session start, UI loading, various other performance improvements throughout the product. * Ease-of-use improvements: o New User Interface o One-click Fix-it button lets you fix issues instantly o Improvements in Smart Defense: Millions of applications have security access automatically pre-set so the user doesn’t have to set them

did anyone tried this new version from zonealarm? :THNK

Why… :-TD Why spend $50 on a security suite that has a ■■■■■■ firewall and antivirus. Comodo is free and better. Avast is free and better. Point made.

Precisely. Why? When we can make our own internet security suite! :wink:

Test it first, then make your decisions please ! :slight_smile: I’m not saying that ZA is no longer heavy or bloated, but 1 year can change the product :slight_smile:

Yep… ZA Released there 2009 products. Still after testing it doesn’t compare to CFP 3.


Has anyone tested this yet with all the tests that can be done and post the results? My Girlfriend’s dad uses 2008 and he wnats to use 2009, so I want to give him some hard data on what tests it passes/fails.