Zone Alarm 7.0.462.000 vs CFP v3

Ok well I tired ZA years ago and it slows your boot up time down quit a bit. Found Comodo 2.4 and said goodbye to ZA. Well now with Comodo 3.0 I was getting sick of all the pop ups. so I thought I try the “new and improved ZA”. Still the same bs. Why make a product that slows your pc down so much. Went back to Comodo 3.0 and disabled balloon tips. (:CLP)

Performance improvements:
Improved system boot time
Additional Stability improvements:
Fixed occasional crashes in vsmon
Fixed occasional hangs during shutdown
Fixed occasional hangs in UpdClient.
Fixed various install and upgrade issues
Fixed window activation issue associated with automatic updates
Compatibility: Fixed compatibility issue with Intuit Software
Ease-of-use improvements:
New: Added Automatic Network Configuration to Wizard (will automatically add Domain Controller, DNS, DHCP, Network Printers and, mapped network drives to trusted zone)
Changed update frequency default to every 3 hours
Customization improvements:
Added Global Reset-to-Default feature (invoked via Ctrl+Shift+right click on ZA icon in system tray).
Various other fixes and improvements

Thanks for that Vettetech.
We really appreciate the feedback…


PS: i added “vs CFP v3” in the subject title to make sure it reflects your experience better.

I do like ZA and at times it seems better then Comodo but the sevices are also using 36k at times. Comodo sometimes is only at 10k.

both software have its pros and cons… What makes Comodo unique is the A-VSMART architecture (patent pending) and the way it gets developed with its user’s direction.


I think last time I used ZA I used ZA ISS 6.5 or something, and it slowed down my boot time, also it took about 2 min from logging in till all applications were up and running. With CFP3 it takes about 15-20 seconds. I have 2.25GHz and 768MB RAM. cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe takes ~12.5MB RAM at the moment, which isn’t much at all(compared to Firefox that’s eating ~56MB RAM lol).
Can’t say that ZA is bad(free is, but paid is good), but CFP is better.