Zmodeler Detected as Trojware.Win32.DelAll.aa@5642014 - False Positive?

Hello All,
This is probably a false positive but I just received a warning from comodo av that zmodeler_v107.exe is infected with Trojware.Win32.DelAll.aa@5642014.

Here’s the link:

As far as I know it’s a legit 3d modeling tool, I’ve used it for years. ???

Iam unsure… sent it to virustotal…

7 scanners lable it as a trojan… A bad sign…

CIMA however labeled it as none suspicious…

Best would be if you posted the file at

And tells this info… That you think it legitimate, and CIMA thinks so too… But 7 scanners reports this as a trojan… =)

It’s an FP. A very legit program used,eg, for model cars for Need For Speed HS/RC.

Post about it here:

And it will get fixed in 24 hours probably as comodo take FPs seriously from now on! =)
Attach the file and give them the link to the homepage, Is my suggestion. =)