Zimuse Worm destroys harddrive

if i make a backup of the MBR of a harddrive with comodo backup, can this “repair” the harddrive, when it will be destroyed by the zimuse worm? Win32.Worm.Zimuse.A. (or .B.)

1)and how should i do the repair?
2)does the backup has to be one month old in this case?
3)what is with new installed programs, will they work after a restore of the MBR? or is one backup enough forever?

it is better to know such things, before it happens.


Just restore the MBR and track0.
If system is not bootable, you can use a BartPE/WinPE CD/DVD

The backup has to be created before infection.

Most programs will work yes.
Those who use MBR and trac0 sectors might have difficulties. There are not many programs who use these sectors.

My advice is to create a full backup of System partition + MBR and track0, then restore it when needed.