Zillya and ZenOK Antivirus

I’ve visited website of Zillya because I see it name in the test of PCSecurityLabs.
So it’s long time no see this vendor site. And I seen their released free antivirus version for downloading.
Link - http://zillya.com/en/zillya_antivirus.html

Their still continute paid product with their Internet Security software. (Should entered Matousec test soon.)

And second about ZenOK.
Website - http://www.zenok.com/
It said It’s free antivirus with free online backup service.
I’ve seen it’s download size about 44 MB maybe it’s can me usable.

Did someone tried these or have more information about them ?

I have tried Zillya, was particularly interested in its additional features which you couldn’t find anywhere else (i.e. a built-in task manager). It was too heavy for my pc though (running on XP SP3, 223 installed RAM, 1024 virtual memory)

ZenOK-> It’s powered by BitDefender 2009

Buggy stuff.I won’t use until it gets stable

Does anybody use either one of these products? ???

Btw: The current version of ZenOK is powered by the BitDefender 2010 engine.

For those people who can read chinese, Qihoo 360 antivirus is a good choice because it is using bitdefender engine+in-house engines. You can find the test result about this product from av-comparative and VB100

I think Languy99 did a review about them and their av need work. So the realtime protection is not good and one of them have a performance impact.

Valentin N

Zillya! needs work, since it recently started fighting US-based malware and is still new to us (I assume their AV works wonders in Ukraine).

As for ZenOK, they do not need improvement in the detection category. Read here: ZenOK Free Antivirus 2012 | Page 2 | Wilders Security Forums

Zillya! takes only 120Mb RAM which is much lower than other AV I’ve used. Also I like Task Manager and Startup Manager - these can be useful when a visrus attacks. It’s been healiing my docs for a couple of times so I will use it so far.

After I have read your post about ZenOK, I am going to give it a try to see whether it is as good as qihoo 360 antivirus