Zeus Trojan now targeting mobile phones

Dear Melih,

You guys need to jump on this issue as highlighted by Zdnet amongst others.

I have posted on previous occasions over the past couple of years that the explosion in smartphone use is a honeypot for criminals since phones typically contain more valuable personal info.

What proportion of phone users have any security on their phone? My guess is less than 5%, if not even 1%. Completely in contrast to PCs. My further guess is that criminals, and intelligence agencies, have been exploiting this situation for quite some time. The security industry is only just waking up! Comodo needs to get ahead of the curve on this issue rather than behind it.

Kaspersky and few others are already in the game. KIS Mobile is by far the best, and I recently saw a comparison of its detailed functions, including basic functions such as firewall and AV but also far more advanced such as remote locking of the phone and data wiping triggered by sending an SMS to the stolen phone, location of the phone via in-built GPS, etc, but I cannot recall where that comparison was, sorry.

The Zdnet article just goes to show how far ahead the criminals are. In my view the IT industry continue to make it too easy for them through their greed, laziness and stupidity. We have developers writing mobile apps with sloppy code or even back doors already integrated and these things can be downloaded willy nilly in the name of usability, customer choice and the free market regardless of the potential impacts on users or the wider economy.

What is even more ludicruous, even astonishing, is that right alongside this Zdnet article I saw an advert served up by Google which says ¨Spy On Any Cell Phone - Download Software and Instantly Listen to Calls and Read SMS". That site is a legitimate business in the US, apparently, selling legal spy tools. This particular tool is astounding in its audacity, it can record calls, retrieve all data including SMSs and leave no trace of itself! What hope in hell do innocent people have with stuff like this around?

Its time to re-write the rules, urgently, and have watertight end to end systems and comms. I guess nothing can be watertight, or can it? It seems Blackberry have gone in the right direction, but right now I am going to install that Kasperksy mobile suite on to my Nokia E72 and assume and hope the best…until Comodo produce something.

Here is the article…

Melih, it’s time for Comodo to act and rise to this new challenge! :P0l

Come on Melih, where is your answer and action on this?

Take a look at this, your arch-rival Symantec are extending their reach into this rapidly grwoing market, and where is Comodo? Nowhere!

“Symantec pushes mobile security onto Android and iOS”